dominated lyrics – sick of it all

out of touch with autonomy
guided from the outside
free with trust
p*ssive to a fault
sniffed out and suckered in
so much strength
necessary to deal
with the everlasting sh*t storm

lose yourself – take a blind position
lose yourself – powerless condition
lose yourself – in this oppression
lose yourself – just accept domination

turned around on autonomy
guided from the outside
character in question
confidence destroyed
resignation handed in
wake up stressed
far more often than not
to the realization that life’s f*cking shot
shot, shot, shot
life’s f*cking shot, shot, shot, shot

and now the poison is spreading outwards ‘cause it can’t strike in much more
and the innocents forced to share it must accept they also lose the same control
so lost
stripped bare
so dominated

/ sick of it all lyrics