dominion lyrics – one more victim

the day of grief will come, a sea of black flags will
come out into the sh*r*s
cities will get quiet, rivers will arise, the time will
come to raise our heads
they will descend from the sky bringing the message and
a veil of the shadow
the sons of light are knelling, silence has fallen on
our shoulders
there is chaos on the horizon, cities are gaining the
name of babylon
pride, a mother of dark side, gives birth to greed
the fire of matter burns in human eyes
flows through fingers like black sand
the map of the world was so fragile
and the turning-point will destroy everything like the
event horizon
a sea of black flags will stand like ice by the sh*r*s
the beast will point to the east
its shadow will cover the land
messengers’ feathers will descend to our feet
let’s bow down waiting for absolution
the empire of light will descend in the face of fire
scorching the earth wavily, someone has become a sword
smiting the beast and heretics
angels fall from the sins like the stars of revenge
to the roads of rome and this babylon
the son of heaven will descend bringing executions and
reddening the sky
he delivers h*ll and plague, and time has stopped again
the words like a sentence entered the ears of the
mortals: “armageddon is my name”

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