don’t know how lyrics – joss stone

you caught my eye
and out of nowhere you appeared
by surprise and it’s not like me but certainly, i
i heard myself calling for you

could it be fate
i’m feeling b*tterflies
and i can’t escape
and it’s like a rush that’s coming over me
the sight of you just takes me away

boy you’re so fine
and i wanna tell ya so
i’m much too shy
wanna make you mine
but i don’t know how

got so much time
your att*tude, everything
you make me smile
think i’m falling in deep for no reason why
i can’t help myself yeah yeah

friends think i’m wrong
for being head over heels
i should be strong
should i stay and deal with it
or should i just let go

[chorus (extended):]
feeling crazy my heart beats racing now
i can’t fight it
got to make you mine
but i don’t know how

baby let me know what’s up now
ya got to show me some how, how you feel
cause i can’t take it no more
i really need to know what’s good with you boy

[chorus (extended)]

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