don’t bring me down lyrics – wisdom in chains

you think you’re breaking out
gonna leave this nowhere town
trying to escape the future
you refuse to bow out and lay down
you think you’re better than the filth
of where you come from
well, i got news for you boy
you always were a worthless one

no, don’t bring me down
you’ve never been strong enough
you never had a good idea
you never finish what you start
what makes you think you’re getting out of here?

some people give us hope
some places drag us down
some people build us up
some people wanna make you drown
no, don’t bring me down

f*ck that
you gotta keep rising
head up and don’t look back till you get to where you’re
don’t listen to word these haters say

no, don’t bring me down [x2]
if you can’t help me that’s okay
but i won’t let you bring me down

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