doppelganger lyrics – thrash or die

lurking beneath the bowels of h*ll
into the realm of sedition
symbiotic parasite in the blessed twilight
host to unholy submission

i am the arm that feeds on fear
to force you in dejection
to kill again i shall descend
i smile in your reflection

[lead: mario/h*llvomit sodomizer]

visions of the white horse clamping your grief
sentenced to my world gutting your belief
i walk with fire in you i will transcend
and i will promise that i will kill again

[lead: mario/h*llvomit sodomizer]

under your nails i breed in your soul
shielded b imminent terror
*ssigned to my bag reality shattered
your subconscious infected with horror

the cleansing of fire entwined in your will
from temptation of which i derive
immune to your pleas dragged into my lodge
there you’ll be butchered alive
there you’ll be butchered alive

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