dorian gray lyrics – william control

live through the ages
witness my friends rust and turn to ash
break down in phases
and yet my skin is perfect gl*ss
i have kept this portrait in pristine care
i have kept my secret well
until the day comes when the loneliness
is oh too much to bare
would you embrace me with open arms?
would you encase me in a picture of my heart?

dorian gray
already headed to h*ll
take me away
pick a side and place a bet
dorian gray
have you something to sell
i’ve got your bodice and your dress

turn back the time
to the fearless boy i was so long ago
she is love she is filth she can destroy my soul

“intellect in itself is a mode of exaggeration”
“an artist should create beautiful things
but should put nothing of his own life into there”
“the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”
“if the cave man had known how to laugh history would have been different”

i have kept my portrait clean
i have kept my secret well
now the day has come
the sun has burned away
follow me

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