doves and crows lyrics – this deafening whisper

as forlorn as tomorrow seems,
and as bleak as the road ahead is,

they feed your soul that the worst is already behind
but the ugly truth is hiding behind two masks

no hero, no vigilantes left on your side
you’ve cast away
our will to save the ashes of this burning town
i’ll watch the flames, from my outdated throne

a still born const*tution, that’s what guides your way
in a dog eat dog world, eye for an eye prevails

what will it take to show you that
i am not your stupid justice’s dove anymore
the white has turned to black
i’m a f*cking hitchc*ck crow now
our thirst for blood is unquenchable
our real motivation has never been the one they

we were too good to be true
our myth just misled you
you knew this day would come
when your heroes let you down

discrown me, discrown me
i’m the king of thieves if anything
discrown me, just discrown me
i’m nothing but a freak, just as real as your comics

the ropes that bind my faith are starting to fray
my medals and my scars rest no longer on my chest

doves and crows are at war inside my head
and i know, there are no heroes left

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