down in destruction lyrics – soulbound

from the day the world starts to disappear
since the day i’ve lost the sky above me
all the lies that surround me do exist
and all i feel is just disappointment
hopeless, dreamless, all the things i can’t deny
isolated – this world will soon collapse
help me to destroy what you love
we will make the best out of it
you cannot hide yourself in lies
realize what you have really done
fathers’ words were always “kill your dreams”
now it’s time to face my fears inside me
all the tears i shed on wasted memories
long time i was voiceless, now hear my screaming
ageless, fearless, that is what i am fighting for
irritated – this world will soon collapse
all what you took was mine
left me all alone in cries
all what you said were lies
left everything – everything behind

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