dragon’s life lyrics – derdian

i had a job i had a good steady fat salary
i used to live my trivial life day after day
then i heard a voice that whispered
“la liberta da un’iniqua societa
non e’ un dono che puoi rifiutare”
i opened my eyes and found a world
completely different
was i sleeping at that time?

i used to hear my past life
was a tribute to excellence
and everybody got to say: “what a lucky guy”
do you still believe now that a
life at a desk is appealing why don’t ask
to yourself if here you can get more…

ho aperto i miei occhi e ho visto che
la vita e’ una sola
non voglio viverla cosi!

in your life you decide what you want to do
if you want a dragon life or live like a fool
take your time, choice’s not mine,
sometimes neither yours
fate will open all the doors
the dragon life, of course!

one day i got a call from a long distant friend
he said “stop”, drop everything!
we must leave tomorrow for a tour from
new york till the land of rising sun
say “goodbye my friends i reach out my destiny”

and now it’s time to live my dreams and
leave it all behind
will i be brave to touch the sky


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