dreams of winterland lyrics – catamenia

shadows of whisper rising…
open the stormwings over the night when the dusk of the th*rns, in the sky the clouds are
burning when the moonlit shines on the winter.

grace… time in winter heaven`s burn when the strangers are counting for winds… shadows
of whisper rises, on the darkened sky.

[speak:] hear the winds of the sky, i am the winter moonlight.

war time and terror… war time cause` i am winter the moonlight in enthroned sky,
whispering like heaven, burning as clouds, from the skies of mist is the winter.

[speak:] heaven`s are burning over my sight when the northwind storms on the
winds… nightbird is calling, when christ fire is burning.

open the wings on the winterday, i am the wings of the night calling them.

[speak:] life is the time when the clouds upon of me burning high.
i am the winter, calling the daylight, i am the winter moonlight, heaven`s storms suffer
and burning when the enthroned sky like a mist.

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