dreams… solitude, silence lyrics – great sorrow

standing on a brink, looking to a distance
seeking but not finding, blinded by divine light
and finding oneself in darkness
creating but destroying…

a diamonds space stretches above him
and it keeps mystery of this silence
a circle of his dreams narrows
and leaves nothing face by face with him…

a conception of infinity: what is it?
how many signs are in this number?
unconscious horror nibbles a single call
of a primitive amoebas!

standing on a brink seeing emptiness
seeking, finding darkness…
blinded and founding sight in darkness
a circle of his dreams dissolves into atoms!
and they turned into tears falling
on the mystery of silence!..

dreams… solitude… silence…
sitting on an *ss… on the infinitive *ss of eternity…
sinking in a space of the absence of thoughts!..
dreams… solitude… silence…

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