dreams unbroken lyrics – images of eden

it seems like forever since i last heard your voice
i’d dreamed of it so many times only to awaken
now time has healed the pain, again i see you
as i did when i was young

and i prayed the silence would end

you have more life in you now
more than i’d ever seen before
now the years have p*ssed and the wounds have healed
but we never said we were sorry until today

let time forget the sadness
put the past behind, carry on with our lives
let time forget our pride
it took years for me to say…
you are the one i always wanted to be, now i am

i see you as the one i always remembered
you were there
the tide carried us back home

i cry… just like you
i feel pain… just like you
i laugh… just like you
why did i carry this weight for so long?

so many years of words unspoken
today, all dreams are unbroken

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