dripping dime size drops lyrics – headstones

gonna pick up my bag
gonna run straight home
when the police come knocking (tell ’em)
that i never left the front door
this fabric has faded
there’ll be no renaissance
too many winos in the park man
you know that their brains are doing somersaults

could’ve been a day from sunday
could’ve been tuesday last
could’ve been everything that i wanted
you know that it was everything that i had
i’m dripping dime size drops

now the gl*ss it is empty
it is no longer discreet
last point of entry did me
now i just can’t compete
i wish that it would stop
you could drive a truck right through it
52 steps until i drop
there ain’t no way to prove it

now the ashes have fallen
pave the way for the speed
last point of entry did me
i still can’t compete

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