driving lyrics – case

you wanna come play my s*x games baby
you still want me to taste you don’t you
baby, baby yes i will

[verse 1]
you and i alone up in my benzie
body got me going in a frenzy
let’s be on our way to my hide away
so many things i like to do
can’t hide the fact our hearts are racing
yeah, i can smell antic*p*tion
this is all for you please enjoy the view
i’ll show you things you never knew

i will be driving and you will be riding
riding all night long to a slow song
to a slow song

[verse 2]
turn the music up that joint is soothin’
can’t ignore how your body’s movin’
to kickin’ snare girl we’re almost there
i can’t believe my tinted eyes
look at me you got my body swervin’
an evening on me girl you’re deservin’ to be pleased
i think you know what i mean


girl can we please go
up and down and side to side
i will provide all that you need
we can speed or take it slow
head to toe
you will be pleased

[repeat chorus]

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