eat starch mom lyrics – jefferson airplane

he’s just an american boy
and he loves his machine
no back-talk from a machine
when was the last time a television set
gave you sh*t about who you met last night?
no back-talk machine

if your motor doesn’t turn over smooth for you
you don’t feed it right
give it a little grease
give it a little gas

drive straight on through the night
man-made mechanical mover
love your machine
you say nothing’s right but natural things
ah, you fool
poison oak is a natural plant

why don’t you put some in your food?
natural food
i don’t care if there’s chemicals in it
as long as my lettuce is crisp

preservatives might just be preserving you
i think that’s something you missed
ya you missed it
man-made mechanical mover
i love his machine
he’s just an american boy
and i love his machine

smooth moving steel
keep your engine warm and wet
be friendly to your steel
feed it right, your mechanical pet
then get behind the wheel
put a little starch in the old corvette

then give it a feel
smooth moving steel, give it a feel
man-made mechanical mover
it’ll move faster than you can
vegetable lover

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