eazy duz it lyrics – eazy-e

he was once a dawg from around the way
eazy, but you should…

b*tch shut the f*ck up get the f*ck out o’ here, yo dre
give me a funky *ss b*ssline

well i’m eazy-e, i got b*tches galore
you may have a lot of b*tches but i got much more
wit my super duper group coming out to shoot
eazy-e, m*th*f*kas cold knocking the boots
’cause i’m a hip-hop thugster, i used to be a mugster
if you heard compton, you think i own a drugstore
getting stupid because i know how
and if a sucker talks sh*t, i give him a (pow)
8 ball sipping, the b*tches are flipping
slow down, i hit a dipping, continue my tripping
hitting my switches, collect from my b*tches
the money that i make so i can add to my riches
fill my stash box and start rubbing my gat
feeling good as h*ll because my pockets are fat
a hardcore villian cold roaming the streets
and wit a homie like dre just supplying the beats

because i’m a gansta having fun
never leave the pad without packing a gun
hitting hard as f*k, i make you ask what was it
boy you should have known by now, eazy duz it

i was knocking m*th*f*kas out
what’s your name boy
funky, fresh eazy-e
kick, kick that sh*t
where you from fool, compton, yea

rolling through the hood, cold tearing sh*t up
stick my head out the window and i say what’s up
to the n*gg*z on the corner cold b*mping the box
but you know that’s an alibi for slanging the rocks
a dice game started so i said what the f*k
so i put my sh*t in park and had to try my luck
hard to roll wit my b*tch jocking 24-7
rolled them m*th*f*kas, ate ’em up, hit 11
got another point, i made a ten a fo’
was taking n*gg*z money and was itching for mo’
laughing in their faces and said you’re all making me rich
then one punk got jealous, cold slap my b*tch
he pulled out his gat, i knew he wouldn’t last
so i said to myself, homeboy, you better think fast
he shot (gunshots), i shot (gunshots)
as you can see, i cold broke his *ss (ha ha)


(wait a minute, wait a minute, who does it)
muthaf*king eazy duz it
but how does he do it
eazy duz it do it eazy
that’s what i’m doing
man whatcha gonna do now

now i’m a break it down just to tell a little story
straight out the box from the gangsta category
about a sucker, a sucker m*th*f*ka
he’s addicted, he’s a smoker but in compton called a clucker
he used to have a house car and golden rings
but the cooky cooky crack took all those things
he must of been starving ’cause he broke in my house
caught the n*gg* on the street and straight took his *ss out
now i wanted for a murder that i had to commit
yea i went to jail but that wasn’t sh*t
got to the station about a quarter of nine
call my b*tch to get me out ’cause i was down for mine
the b*tch was a trip cold hung up the phone
now my only phone call was in the ganking zone
all the things i did for her like keeping her rich
i swear when i get out, i’m gonna kill the b*tch
well by now you should know it was just my luck
the baliff of the station was a neighborhood cluck
i looked him straight in the eye and said what’s up
and said let’s make a deal, you know i’ll do you up
now back on the streets and my records are clean
i creeped on my b*tch wit my uzi machine
went to the house and kicked down the do’
unloaded like h*ll, cold smoked the ho


from around the way, born in ’73
harcore b-boy named eazy-e
it’s ’88 now, ’73’s obselete
a n*gg* wit a serious *ss att*tude and 100% street
and if you all wanna hear some more
in one way or the other, i’m a bad brother
word to the m*th*f*ka

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