eileen lyrics – hush sound

dear, you left too soon,
went to the next room.
if you haunt me,
i’ll sing for you.

how the hinges move;
connecting me and you
is a door way
that you’re knocking through.

we walk down a dock
and the water is cold,
you want me to
escort you.

how i’d love to go
swim with you in death,
but my heavy heart
won’t let me tread.

so, love, i must stay
on the sh*r*.
i am young,
my blood is warm.
i can take you this far
now, my love, we must part.

*when blood and youth were warmer
we breathed summer like the sweet air
we found each other like a mirror.
we were so optimistic,
wasn’t it so easy to be?
we we’re young and naïve.

can you pull down the dawn?
it’s been so dark since you’ve been gone
and we’ve been begging for the morning to come.
we were so optimistic,
wasn’t it so easy to be?
we were young and naïve.

we’ll be fine in the morning.
we’ll be fine in the morning.
it’s getting late so we must sleep.
we’ll see you in the morning,

*”when blood and youth were warmer” is a line from robert herrick’s poem “to the virgins, to make much of time”.
“that age is best which is the first, when blood and youth were warmer.”

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