einherjers fate lyrics – thy wicked

in the battle
against the christians i die
walfreya escort me
over bifrost to walhall
we’re singing with odin
battle hymns
valkyries served us
sährimnirs flesh
finest mead we drink
the kindom of folkvang
contains our love

hemrod is coming
to lead us in the battlefield
we are more than
four hundred thousand einherjers
watching for the sound
of gjallarh*rn

home of the brave
to odin we pray

ragnarök is here
the grand final stand
naglfar arrive at vigrid
and a second ship
with giants on board
the earth is breaking
hel comes out
varnes and einherjers
side by side
against hels bodies
and frost giants
steel meets steel
blood i taste
pain i feel

dead i am
dead i am
dead i am

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