elevens swans lyrics – lands of past

see the swans that fly above your head, remember the
spell she put on them
you made the promise to free them from the hatred of
the queen
now time has come

pick the nettle in the cemetery of witches never say an
only word and never cry, just pray, just believe in
yourself, be strong and weave again your innocent
swans above your head, angels of innocence murmured

weave elisa, weave, my angel your brothers will be

these nettles will be your salvation
my silence is my prayer

burn this witch who never say a word, who plays with
the essence of satan

to the stake
i’m innocent
what are these swans that go back to this d*mned?
i’m innocent

the road to the stake is so long… weaving the last
chainmail, she keeps on praying
will the spell find an end, will the innocence be the
key of all?
i’m innocent
i flew to deliverance
come, my brothers!

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