ellipsis lyrics – last minute sedative

i pick up a stone and cast my cares into this ocean
the setting sun and endlessness show my devotion
to these open ends and new beginnings
i’ll never forget where i’ve been and where i hope to

miles away from what i call home
the snow has fallen and the air is cold
the sun is shining a familiar glow
it looks like its time for me so
let go of all the things i’ve lost
forgiveness is my strength
exemption is my cause
revival is my gain

when the spring comes i will start brand new
remembering all the pain that i’ve been through
i wouldn’t be who i am today, if not for the faith inside
of me
i owe it all to the forgiveness of a king

it’s the forgiveness of a king
who’s precious blood was shed
and like the rain in the spring
his blood brings life again

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