embracing the fleshless ecstasy lyrics – inanna

raining fire from the skies, the lifeless burn forever
empty human race… immolate!!
unworthy lambs possessed by remorse and anger
impaled soulless victims
back to primordial state, useless souls, enslaved
chained again to the magnificent void
chaotic purification, the substance of immortality
the uncreated one
lord of chaos

the eternal night, no life conscience
no minion can defy you
marduk… defeater of the ancient ones
god of the gods, show your wrath against this foe

behold the eclipse, know the forbidden arts
madness to your eyes

feel the fear, taste rebirth beyond reason
is the sign of wisdom
continuing your filthy way of life
until they awake…

arise kurgarru… spirit of the earth
arise kalaturru… spirit of the seas
arise and set thy feet to the gate ganzir

archaic gods back from your sleep, crush the gates of
divide the dreams from reality, bring them truth
we knew the real darkness, we saw the chaos
we embraced the fleshless ecstasy

the insignificant flame will be extinguished
nameless majesty, rise from the absu

ascend from the underworld

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