emotional storm lyrics – john cafferty & the beaver brown band

bad moon on the horizon,
something in the air today,
hear the sound of thunder,
rhythm of the driving rain,

just keep your body moving,
make it just another day,
everything you ever wanted,
stays just another dream today,

*well you feel a little lonely,
never asked this world for much,
baby move a little closer,
lets see what happens when we touch

**it’s an emotional storm,
raining down over you,
it’s an emotional storm,
baby what we’re going through

when you ain’t got no money,
this town can get a little rough,
just give it what you got now,
somehow it’s never good enough,

at times it’s hard to tell the difference,
between what you know as right and wrong,
you’re to scared to make a bad move,
but you been hungry just a little too long



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