encrust excrement crevice lyrics – in-quest

reek, reek for me
suck my excrements
encrust crevice

i see it, right before my eyes
reek, reek for me, reek and return

i like the smell that’s coming out of your cute looking
white *ss
please help me to fulfil my needs, i hope you “must”
right now

let me feel now of how much that you will drop on me
ooh, so hard, you little chicken, it’s impossible to

i feel this erotic sign, senseless but burning,
burning so nice
i see it when you hose on my face, so warm, intensive
the smell is so nice

reek, reek for me, reaching ecstasy

blow your mind and push your sh*t, and drop it on my
cover my body with your dirt and lick it of my skin
urinate in my face, don’t care if i’ll be blind, i’m

your r*ct*m will be empty now, but i will need some
i’m so glad i found you but it’s impossible to go

i found the perversity in you

are you my s*xgoddess, i’m your lord
satisfy my pervert l*st, rapt in joy
mighty perversity, in which we exist
righteous, celebrate my senses of pride

my pride,
your guide

i feel it, i taste it, right inside my mouth
see it, smell it, right inside my mind

reek, reek for me, taste you

i must sh*t upon your face, my tenses are so high
i wonder if i’m satisfied, my body will need more
i must face this horrible burn, my emotions are
s*xual repugnant
s*xual insane

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