end lyrics – south park mexican

[south park mexican:]
yo, this spm, man.
this the end of my alb*m.
i want to tell everyone that got love for us, i want to say thanks.
thanks for buyin’ this alb*m.
& thanks for jammin’ my sh*t.
we got love for you players, man.
i don’t care what side you from, what set you from, what color you claim.
all i ask is that you don’t curse the innocent children.
cause they deserve to be happy.
dope house family.
my boy rasheed, low-g, happy perez, juan gotti, coast, quarter ki, dfo, pete & red bird, tragedy, sham, homie marco, my sister sylvia, omar, jose & sisco.
look out for my screwston cd’s.
if it ain’t screwed up it ain’t ’bout sh*t.
what up, little papa? dumb-dumb droppin’ an alb*m.
russell lee & maximum melly.

[juan gotti:] hey los, what’s up, man? can i say somethin’ too my raza?

[south park mexican:] i ain’t hatin’ man. what’s up?

[juan gotti:] check this out. it’s your boy juan gotti representin’ for my raza, matienez, we doin’ this, watch out for my alb*m comin’ out “no sett trippin'” we puttin’ this down, matienez.

[south park mexican:]
for real. watch out for that juan gotti, you know, his alb*m comin’ out while she-low workin’ on a new alb*m. low-g i mean.
you know, we dope house man, it ain’t gon’ quit. diamond rings & fancy whiz ain’t real happyness. your diamonds & your jewels are your friends & your family, remember that.
i love y’all & i’m out.

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