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[the battle of philippi was the final battle in the
wars of the second triumvirate between the forces of
mark antony and octavian (the second triumvirate)
against the forces of julius caesar’s *ss*ssins marcus
junius brutus and gaius c*ssius longinus in 42 bc, at
philippi in macedonia. the second triumvirate declared
this civil war to avenge julius caesar’s murder.]

legions awaiting for new dawn to come,
redemption or one’s final breath?
the army of thousands, but yet all alone
every man on his own…

a change of an era hangs in the air
can anyone sense that it’s here?
their eyes are reflecting a new kind of dreams
a vision of future, it’s not what it seems…

a strike through the hand of mars
new blood in the sea of lies
a mask, a death parade
their endless shades of pain.

gaze in their eyes my innocent child,
defeat is what you will see.
a message in time, a lesson to learn,
the final betrayal, their fortune has turned.

the cost of their lives, the price they have paid,
an empire made out of sand.
always ahead, but never in front,
forgotten they died all alone.


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