engulfed in depravity lyrics – deus invictus

flee the wrath to come
the king’s scepter is extended, and you’ve turned away
to death
you blatantly ignore the axiom and fill your life with
evading the hands that began your life, now laying down
to please your l*st
the heavens stay silent for tonight, but it’s only calm
before the storm
consuming fire will bring the depravation, and bring
the proud to their knees
take these ropes from their necks
save them from their suicide
oh how far you’ve fallen, to think that you can
challenge the most high
you’ve been deceived by a deceiving mind
were you there when he laid the foundations of the
earth and gave life to its void?
were you there when he made the mountains and the seas?
can you command the dawn and call out the stars by
this world, created in perfection, will be engulfed by
the flames of revival
burning away the flesh that bared its teeth, and dug
them into this earth
sp*wning the disease he will demand an answer
why do you fight against god?
repent to him while grace abounds
he takes no joy in punishing sins
why do you fight against god?
he will make an end
no enemy rises twice.

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