entheogen lyrics – mouth of the serpent

disgusting flesh begot within this world,
is but a sh*ll, expanding every day.
it expands but we never f*cking grow.
physical and material,
this world we know has just begun…
prepare our fate unholy one.

life, its offerings,
so quickly come undone.
my body is diseased and decaying.
i will not succ*mb to reality, transposed.
we’ll desecrate entire worlds.

life will never birth because were gutting it,
thought will not consecrate.
the clay reshaped to the images of prophecy.
the day, the day turns into night.
the day to day, the savior’s son, there is no light.

reality, tell me i’m the one,
the destructor of this carpentry.
existence is full holes,
defined boundaries meant to break.
we all slowly drift away,
we drift apart and are forgotten.

i watched the rivers run dry,
and then so quickly flood that day.
in light of a prophecy.
i watched the rivers run dry
and then so quickly fill with blood that day.
it was our pride, called sanity.
in light of a prophecy.

this world is melting away.
blood… it fills the sky.
there’s f*cking blood in my wake;
the blood of design.

the there is no cause for humility.
there is no god. there is no…

i watched the conscious wallow in infertility,
inside its sh*ll, the mind contemplating remains of
and in the end there’s nothing disguised in the mind.
it will remain, before our eyes.

it has begun, the castration of desire.
disconnect reality,
they’re all discreetly blinded the same.
their eyes are distrusting.
they’re distrusting their disgusting disease.

life, its offerings,
so quickly come undone.
my body is diseased and decaying.
i am too far gone from reality, transposed.
d*mnation, it has begun on entire f*cking worlds

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