eradicate the weak lyrics – man must die

thrown into deprivation
eternal darkness falls
mankind is devastated
the new beginning

kill them, destroy them all
eradicate the weak
wading through the filth
it’s the ultimate nightmare
destroyer of the peace

the king of lies
you waste your f*ckin time
god cheated me
in the beginning
don’t lie to me
you’ll bleed eternally
until you die

bleed the sunrise

cities reduced to nothing
the streets a wash with blood
mnakind’s a fading memory
destroy the sky above
the end of everything
the prophecy unfolds
humanity defiled and tortured

die for me
subliminal decay
die for me

drenched in misery
feeding on the agony
your god dethroned and brutalised

bow down to me
i am your new god
the one whom your god feared
cast down on humanity
the price is death now welcome it
upon your f*ckin knees

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