esr raydas lyrics – game

i will ride and kill wit cha
loyal n*gg* wut
high wen we ride
armed wit tha snub
live like we blood
where ma dogs
uhh theres my dogs
i will ride kill witcha n*gg* u kno tha story
n*gg*z kno how we ride leave a murder scene gory
need ur dog i’ll be there in a hurry
got tha same mind agree on 1 thing juss like we was a jury
u kno wut they say u get wut u pay 4
i give luv 2 ma dogs 2 get backs wut i stay 4
but itz neva sumfin i really have 2 wait 4
ma home iz yo home mi causa su causa
quick 2 kill ne n*gg* trynna knock u off lyfes rosta
if u cant luv a n*gg* dont even botha
gle iz made 4 only a real rayda
i gave sum yall n*gg*z luv but u left ms heart broken
but tha loyals hearts broken will always leave tha disloyals hearts smokin
this gose 2 ma n*gg*z thatz bloodin and loc’in
will u return wen u leave home well a n*gg*z hopin

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