eternal winter’s prophecy lyrics – catamenia

do you hear the winds of the flames,
p*ssing through the ancient gates.
do you hear they`re calling my name,
free the spirits from endless pain.
mourning souls, chanting voices,
desperate cries, follow all over.
sky is dark, stars are bright,
sacrifice the ending light.

darkness upon now unholy land,
prophecies told from blood of my hand.
`weaks are slaves living in sorrow,
see it only from blackened mirrow.
gather as the five-point star,
to call my master distant far.
mistress of night, come, seduce me,
take me, hide me, to black prophecy.

i can see the angels falling,
bury them deep into blood red sky.
i can hear the last one breathing,
suffocate, kill that everyone die…

visions shown, battles won
my mission`s done, days are gone
no people with a soul, exist on earth anymore
burning men, in moonlight dusk
smell of fear`s, raising my l*st
eternal winter`s, thrones for me
i am finally the black prophecy.

[chorus x2]

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