eternalhate lyrics – christ agony

…and eternity be my curse
chant of the prophets
…and eternity be my oath
sorrow of the solitude

i call the spell in my eyes
the mysterious spell
i am liberated
and poured iam
into my kingdom
with the tribute
i paid for eternity
this might has my name
and the demons shapes my lips
into l*stful grins

i stalk
i stalk
this blood has my name
and the demons on my lips
be the devilish tongue

for one is my name
of the hateful ones
i create the path
for the unfaithful ones
for the unsatiable ones

i despise the fanatics
and god i detest
the tomb i sign with blood
for the memory of his relatives
the tears meltthe madness
of my desires

eternity never i die with
i shall live with eternity

for one is my name
of the hateful ones

welcome to the eternity!
welcome to the edge of madness!
welcome to eternity!

my feet are bleeding-
-follow the sign

welcome to nothingness!

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