ever after lyrics – words of farewell

i found a place to call home
my sanctuary in a world succ*mbing to grief
a gleam of hope, like ivy embrace me
and don’t let me go

my gardens bare trees now flourish again
the shadows they cast hide me away
from bale’s burning light
safely entwined i hide until night

be gone parching sun
to the twilight that you came from
be gone, away
darken this idle day

blessed by nights serenity
i will rise
from the ashes of a burned down life
burned down life

i smother every smoldering fire
that threatens the orchards bloom
upon the oath i took
i forever will take what is mine

they say i fade into shades without a trace
a nocturnal child
veiled and obscure, a myth yet uncovered
don’t you dare light my way

“and then led astray he went away
to never return
but in his heart he carried the hope of his dreams
what may he have become?”

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