every day’s a good day lyrics – kmfdm

the biggest mistake was to let you near me
i’m speaking to you but you won’t ever hear me
close to the touch but aeons away
on a distant planet on another day

i thought we were even i hoped it was cool
your guilty pleasures made you a fool
i extended it all but you turned it to dreck
you keep trashing my name and stabbing my back

i shall not be terrorized
you will pay for all those lies

and every day’s a good day to die
f*cka, f*cka, die, m*th* f*cka, bye-bye

a spewing volcano of distortion and hate
you plead and beg me to spare your fate
you evoke our friendship and the days of old
but i know a dish that’s best served cold

the gleaming blade a m*ffled cry
you won’t live to testify

i gave you it all
i let you perform
you sowed the wind now you’ll reap the storm
in the coldest blood steady-handed
i take no prisoners the eagle has landed


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