every single bitch lyrics – brotha lynch hung

(intro: clip from a movie)
your gonna have a bank roll so big
when you walk down the streets
its look like yo’ pockets got the mumps

i ain’t never had those kinda mumps

now remember a pimp is only as good as his product
see and his product is women
now you got to go out there
and get the best ones you can find
and you got to work them broads
like they ain’t never been worked before
and never forget
any body can control a womans body
see but the key is to control her mind

(verse 1: brotha lynch hung)
f*ck these hoes
its the re-do
you know how we do
every single b*tch ya’ll
from the psycho active alb*m
from my n*gg* x (nerferious)
bear n*gg* the flex
can’t come nearious (b**tch)
(who is this)

its the m*th*fucc’n lynch and i’m back on a x track
’bout to tell you n*gg*s how to keep a hoe stack’n (what you do? )
what you got to do
to have your b*tch clockin’
just put her on skirt, (then what? )
sit her on “stockton” fish-net stockins
tight around thick dock, make it look good, to the normal n*gg* eye
that b*tch’ll make a killin even if she ain’t fine (why?!)
’cause a big *ss and some t*tties is a gold mine, deuce-nine dollars
a nut, two nuts is 58, an extra 4 if want the hoe to m*st*rb*t*
a bl*w j*b is 24 bocks a hit
but it’s worth she see the hoe swallow the gooey sh*t
and when i come through she be comin to see daddy
like a o.g., you know me, i’m sittin in the caddy, kick back
look at the hoe like “wow!”
b*tch your my slave, what should i make her do know?
you can’t treat a b*tch good, you know (no)
what good is a n*gg* who ain’t slappin his hoe
so peep, let ’em all know that you don’t play
and every b*tch gotta price to pay

that’s real, you b*tches, f*ck hoes mayn
they got all off crack, tryin to make you scratch
that’s realer than real, shots to that n*gg* nerferious
he put down the original game, n*gg* just need to bring back some doe
slow me, uh, productions

(verse 2: brotha lynch hung)
who’s the hoe? a b*tch named {silence} was the trick
she gave up the poo-poo for not one cent
she didn’t pay, f*ck it i kept the hoe
every morning at 6 a.m. she was leavin out my window
the close homie probably hit’em too
i thought i gave her f*ck but she probably f*cked the whole crew
i can’t lie, i h*lla liked the b*tch
but like x-raided said: “once a b*tch, always a b*tch”
so why try to change her?
i rather be by myself, f*ck a hoe i strangle her
the only woman i respect
is my m*th*f*cken moma, disrespect i break yo neck
it’s h*lla easy pullin hoes (h*lla easy pullin)
half ’cause i got game and half ’cause i’m in the stores
dumb b*tch you, you get’s no play (24 street)
you got a price to pay, fa sho

f*ck these all m*th*f*cken
disease carrien
muthaf*cken red p*ssy havin
’cause it’s been dug up, stretch up, phunky stupid *ss, b**tches
set up bicthes, yaknowwhuti’msayin
f*ck ’em and leave ’em

(verse 3: brotha lynch hung)
that’s that b*tch givin up the cash
i know a hoe, who would straight up jack yo *ss
you might go to the mo-mo and get you some
then you wakin in h*lla broke and feelin dumb
she made you c*m then your *ss went to sleep (then what hapend? )
took your ki and out the doo’ the hoe creep
you got got by a sneeky *ss b*tch
now she’s kickin with a notha n*gg*, front you sh*t
you said the baby had you caught, that’s what you said
but you thought she was sprung so you gave her the bread
it was all of the b*tches plot
big spider web, yo *ss got caught
you went in her that night loc
yeah, she said use the rubber, a big f*cken
she got head, ate and paid quick
and all you got was a fat *ss check to spend
see, n*gg*z just love the bomb sh*t
them b*tches cry to make a n*gg* go for it
but not me, n*gg* i do it my way
’cause every b*tch got a price to pay, fa sho

you know, what i say, haha, them b*tches got you stretched out.

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