everything will never be ok lyrics – fiction plane

everything in your life is explained away
as part of a process that holds you back
a walk along an avenue of trees
is just what you need
but the memory of divorce lingers on

everything will never be ok
there’ll always be some part of you in pain
everything will never be ok

there’s a lack of oxygen inside this town
it stops my brain from getting me high
every time i wake up
it’s a brand new day
and i realize my body’s
designed to die

you can take an hour or two
out of everyday
living in a world of lies
you feel no pain

cause i’m waiting for the day
when i don’t have to work
and love will satisfy my impatience
you know how much my dear that
i would love to talk
but i’m far too busy and this occasion

it’s just as real to escape as to suffer

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