everything you couldn’t be lyrics – flaming june

it’s a battle to be happy
i want to know how people stay so calm
while working for others

thought about walking out
but how would i pay the bills?
miserable, just like before
in a new job

and i would love to awake from a dream

the hardest thing is growing older
with the discovery
you’ll never be and you never were
anything to anyone

thought about reaching out
in the form of a novella
a simple tale of how i’ve failed
noting every excuse

and i would love to awake

it was the darkest time that i remember
the way i’d left home, it broke my parents heart
they’d never known
the resent i held for being like them

and i would love to awake from a dream
and i would love to change

it’s overstated, “it’s too late for you!”

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