everything you do lyrics – alyssa milano

holding you tonight
i can’t help but lose control
the fire behind your eyes
burns right into my soul
your hands, your heart
are the only things i feel
the way that you’re touching me
i’d swear this dream wasn’t real
* everything you do, everything you say
everything that you are
makes me want to run, makes me want to hide
makes me want to love you
shining like a light, burning in the night
burning up together
you can be the first, you can be the last
you can be forever
i can’t seem to find
the right words for this affair
nothing really matters
just as long as you’re there
i can’t stop this heart
from pounding in my ears
if i could survive this night
there’ll be nothing left to fear
* repeat

maybe i’m just a fool
fooling with romance
mistaking love for lies
but i’m ready to take the chance
* repeat

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