evidence lyrics – john mcvie

g. sutton/j. herron/b. pfiefer
well, our love’s on trial
pretty baby
and the jury’s always out
i hear you’ve been a busybody baby
i got to know beyond a shadow of a doubt
that i’m your one and only
don’t need no testimony
i found too many fingerprints
put yourself in my shoes
and you’ll know what to do if
you want to prove your innocence
i need evidence
i want to feel what i’m up against
101 percent, i’m talkin bout
all your love, all your love
talk is cheap, the hard facts
is what i need
if you want to build up
my confidence
i need evidence
you’ve been running undercover lately
running with no friend of mine
your defense is getting pretty shaky
any judge would say it’s a crime
you’re a little misdemeanor
show me i’m a dreamer
let’s throw the whole case out
maybe i don’t understand, but
there’s a witness on the stand
and the verdict’s still in doubt
repeat chorus
prove it to me
you know what to do to me
no swearing up and down
on a stack of bibles now
touch me one more time
repeat chorus

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