evil woman lyrics – josh abbott band

[verse 1]
i ran into an old girlfriend of mine.
she said “you’re looking good, kinda looking fine,”
“and i was thinking maybe after your show,
we could go to my place and see where love goes.”
i looked at her and i said “baby not tonight.”
she asked “why?” and i said these words come to mind:

be gone evil woman.
don’t come around here with your spell.
be gone evil woman.
i don’t like you in case you couldn’t tell.

[verse 2]
see that girl, she’s standing over there.
she’s got the bluest eyes and longest, blondest hair.
i can see the way she looks in her eyes
as she kisses her lips and rubs around her thighs.
i can tell by her face she’s ready to go
but tonight girl, tonight i gotta say no.

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