evilution lyrics – dio

good night, we’re closing again
come back, we’re open tomorrow
we’ve finished today
i’m just staying away
we know what’s good for the brain

oh, plastic dreams and fast machines
pushing it to the limit
girls and boys who think that noise
is music in the air
twisted felon, stay awhile
here’s your invitation
dirty rags and body bags

h*llo, we’re open once more
come in, you need no appointment
we’re thinking in time
that you’ll move down the line
and represent the business in h*ll
well, well

tell her hope is gone but you carry on
we can set the soul free
all is lost so what’s it costs
to listen anyway
the world upstairs where no-one cares
is just about to crumble
see it through we’ll burn for you
evilution company

oh, neon names play neon games
showing it to the public
i hate you and you hate me
and everybody smiles
so money talks and no-one walks
but everybody’s crawling
golden rags and body bags

h*llo, good night, it’s me
i’m open again
come back, come in, good bye
we’re closed

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