evoker pt. 1 – a ground to fall upon lyrics – thrown to the sun

“tell your gods to hide.”

great shadow of eternal sky
watching over; a pitch-black eye
under a sunless river of stars
we have fed the mouth that bites us.

lands shattered with the tremor of the sight
we stared in awe while they suffocated the sky
our crown fell sideways, weak and dethroned
the sc*m betrayed us, the firstborn.

thousand years in gloom and dread
needed to call for one last prayer.

“the great sentinel of faith rise
rise from the bowels of the earth
that is your throne and realm.
cast light upon our unrest.”

forked tongues reached beyond mouths
trust grows dim, with the crooked words of worms.

… and not a soul moves when we`re drifted to our

when the shards pierced our cyan crown
they have came for us.
our time was nigh, from earth to debris
it was then, occurred the first treachery.

/ thrown to the sun lyrics