evolution lyrics – logical riddle

i wandered through life for a long time, as though in
i followed the infinite dreams and foggy desires

aspired to somewhere, where exactly i didn’t know
was searching for something, what exactly i didn’t know

my feelings were carrying my mind away
the p*ssion to know consumes my reason

pain and aggression and again infinite dreams
and then oblivion, from fuss i ran away

flash in consciousness
as if a bright light
on the verge of life
enlightened me like a star

mysterious and invisible
like a star
far and close
as my illusive dream
illuminated my reason

she told me:
man, you are only a seed
of a sacred flower
wherein the secret of a future
is hidden
thrown in a dark silt
of p*ssions
under dark waters
of feelings

night… comes to an end
a lake sh*r*…
the fog… is rambling through
a silence…

the last stars are reflecting
in water
the first shiver of a day…
a pressure…

some force pushes me upwards
i see nothing through thickness
of dark waters
it’s hard to breath
i am tired
but the bottom is further and further
so heaven meets me
this is my birth

now i am not a seed
of a sacred flower
wherein the secret of the future
it is hidden
thrown in a dark silt
i have sprouted through dark waters
now i am a lotus flower
that opened to sky the secret of future
at sunrise
i am a light, i am a star
and this is evolution

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