ex nihilo lyrics – deus invictus

sovereign imagination
omnipotent theophany

“our maker designs symbiosis, ex nihilo before our eyes”

“this world is mine….i am your god” [god]

“i was endowed with beauty and power, charged with
leading the heavens.
why is this man made in his image? where is my
admiration?” [lucifer]

“i will ascend, and exalt my throne. i will sit on the
mount of the congregation.
i will ascend above the heights of the clouds. i will be
like the most high.” [lucifer]

“tear off their wings. depart from me!” [god]

“this world is now mine, and your creation i will turn.
all will see my power, and trust in me as you.
destruction, defiance, pain. you will see, i am their
god.” [lucifer]

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