exalted infernal legions lyrics – draconis

raise the flag of war
trample the banner of truce
gather, soldiers of fire
for we have been called
the ground shakes,
our enemies tremble
stink of fear fills the air
silence the sheep, bleed them dry

fire and war consuming this earth
immortal warriors bring death from beyond
after you die your corpses are burned
exalted infernal legions

hordes of death shall ride down upon you
your fate is grim, the end shall unfurl
legions of the darkness with blackened wings
your pathetic scream are in vain

withered and decayed
are the creatures of earth
horror on faces of those torn apart

blood is spilled, ferocity unleashed
fresh crimson to paint us for further battle
invincible and ancient
they ride down from the sky
this world has fallen to those
who dominate through fear

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