execution lyrics – winterhorde

“for crimes against the spanish court
you are condemned to death by hanging!”

morning dressed in black
the hangman wears his robe
soon i’ll die, but no regrets
he will pay for all
(the things he’s done, in heaven)
the crowd demands the show
main actor’s on the scaffold,
waiting for his turn
mob desires for blood
the testament is done
soon he says his final words
the wait is over,
drummers’ tap and curtains on
kill in the name of pride
take your fear aside
even if you die
at execution

evening dressed in black,
the hangman drinks his rum
the gypsy died with no regrets,
he has paid for all
(the things he’s done in h*ll)
the ship’s about to sail
away from godd*mned sh*r*s of spain
but ocean will decide…
who will leave (sic) and who will die

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