executive decisions lyrics – firm

diamond cut vocals carved sculptures
gats and hosters
macks and four fifths
two plagued verocious
we smoked spliffs when the drolls lit
hoes get hit
have them blow d*ck
blow the whole click
jeeps tahoe
shoes be shavo talk pharagamoe
catch a hamo
guess long like motumbo
from a land of heart rap phantom stalk y’all
while we bent a pork off a raw torch y’all
the god sports all dejour for all wear
push the range all year
vision of war near
i laid out on y’all
in money and ice
that’s how i’m running your wife
stay ripen at ripe
clip in your life down to pipe size
firm slice pies
couple of trife guys in tinted up white five’s

whose the first to set it
at time my first pathetic
nature one of the firm
our works phonetic
as seven digits
first cl*ss trips for summer never is it
outlaw remain pessimistic
used to jostle in hostile environments
buying whips
cheating like fiver ricks requirements
psychics predict that i’ll be dying rich
until then catch me chillin’ flying in a giant six

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