exploitation lyrics – knights of the abyss

guilty of known acts of evil committed against neighbored kin
blatantly evil your actions treacherously drenched in sin
on the steps and ideals of the founding fathers these trails begin
sorcerers and false prophets twisting the arms of their faithful crowds
doomed to similar fate their eyes turned to behind themselves
these corrupt barraters lie in acidic boiling wake
guarded by demons and masters of evil to punish your mortal mistake

residing in ditches of stone bridging abyssal fissures of their home
eternally guarded by demonic forces that ruthlessly torture and maim
these evildoers are punished for crimes calculated and intelligently known
with limb ripped from limb the corrupt reside engulfed forever in flame

hypocrites run from certain serpent death guarded by mighty centaur
only to be bit and mutate from original human form
bitten they will be doomed to chase after others who committed crimes designed
infinitely penalized until final judgment for their sins against mankind

those who pander to manipulate on the capitol hill
misusing and abusing the trust of those whose promises fell
to corruption and greed of men’s world power tainted and betrayed the h*ll
their immortal sins against their own man d*mning them to the eighth circle of h*ll

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