exybit means kaybadbye lyrics – i am the ocean

“so most all their conversations don’t amount to much,
as of late.
and, well, i guess i decided to give up on them
becoming two-sided.”

and can you imagine how it’s got to feel, to have to
lay it as this as this?
trust me, it ain’t pretty.

“i guess i sure could climb down from this obelisk, but
i just reached the peak and plus i gotta lot of
pictures to paint up here before i’ll let myself

he chronicles “historicalamities” with sincere
i know you know the sort.
though all the names, faces, times, places,
descriptions of appearance, outcomes, and instigations
have been changed to respect and maintain privacy of
all those involved parties,
i (and we) *ssure you the validity of said events:
it’s all true.
it’s all true.

“but if you’d show me where you fell and just how it
felt, then i bet i can portray a faked lack of strength
so well,
i bet you never can/could tell…”
that’s what he said to me with a jack nicholson smile
on his smug f*cking face.

“well if you’d look right there: that’s right where i
hit, i hit my psyche,” i allowed myself to retort.
and that’s when i found out all the snakes i thought
i’d trampled dead turned out to be another series of
hallucinations compounded by constant injections of
synthesized, degraded, sorry excuse for naturally
human emotions…”

“and they told me that they were ‘hormones’ that my
body decided to halt it’s productions of.
and then they said: “here… put this in you.
it’ll make you stay alive so much longer, and that’s

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