eyes that burn the soul lyrics – pagan war machine

on the edge of my sanity, warps the sense of my own mortality
looking down an endless hole, staring into eyes that burn the soul
my soul
locked at war within myself, scream in pain not to go to h*ll

face the dead nearly every day, knowing every word i think to say
evil grasps the final toll, reaching towards the eyes that burn the soul
my soul
feeling pain that never ends, misery is my best friend

i summon demons from the depths of my existence
i challenge all of them to war with no resistance
the battle rages in the mind of the afflicted
the strength to rise above defeat and my tormented soul
my soul

can’t find the wherewithal to face my inner hatred
i’d face it every day and leave it devastated
i fight possession as it grapples me with fear
the demons that i dread are only in the mirror

don’t want no one to help me

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