f.o.a.d. lyrics – venom

the life beneath the tombs
ignores the light of day
suspictious minds decide
the fate you have to pay
the judge and jury
cast aside your mortal sh*ll
rebel – it’s your h*ll
protect your lair

armed to the teeth
savage of sin
guardian of lies
f*ck off and die
you b*st*rds

insane *ss*ssin catches
on to what is not
behind his sanctuary
the soul begins to rot
in time the lie approaches
to your firelight soul
son of diabolous
and purpose stole

caught in the flames
soldiers of death
hold your pride high
f*ck off and die and die

inside the sacred halls
contain the sacres truths
our fathers cry as we
revive our blackened roots
the ways of old shall
lead us to the final crest
and when the pact is dealt
we’ll wake eternal rest

chained to your soul
armies of pain
mortals despise
f*ck off and die

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